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Yesterday i updated my iPod to a new iTunes version- 4.2.1 and to do that, it deleted everything off the iPod. But I had all of it backed up on my computer. So after I put all my music and apps back on my iPod, I went to play tiny tower. Tiny tower worked fine and it didn't lose anything. But then when I tried to play plants vs zombies, it had deleted ALL my progress! I had beat adventure mode 3 times, won all the minigames, most of the achievements, and my zen garden was like 3/4 full. I can't have lost all that progress! Please help how do I get it back?? I still have it backed up on my computer btw!

iPod touch, Windows Vista
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    - The backup does contain app data like saved games unless the app stores the data on a server.

    - Did you restore the iPod from a backup that had the apps data (by date and time)? For the app data to be restore the apps have to be in the iTunes library when you do the restore otherwise the app data will have not place to go.