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Sur le carnet d'adresses de iOS 5, comment changer / ajouter des libellés ?

iPhone 4S, iOS 5.1.1
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    No answer ?!

    Ok let's try in english... In "contacts" app on iOS5, how can I change / add fields (it looks like there's a dozen predefined with no possibility to add or change)?

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    change a field label:


    Tap  the  label  and  choose  a  different  one.  To  add  a  new  label,  scroll  to  the   bottom of the list and tap Add Custom Label.


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    Choose a different label among the predefined ones is not a trouble.... but I want to define a new one... no "Add custom label" at the end of the list... that's the problem

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    Maybe it's because my contacts are my google contacts, synchronized on my iPhone by an "not real" Exchange account. Apple programmers have to have a look on this because the consequence is that if in google contact I use a field not in the predefined ones in iPhone contacts app the information does not appear at all.