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My Ipod was stolen, I tracked it for a while and ultimately wiped it so that the info could not be used by the thief. I still want it back and can restore it if I get it back. The thief is in another state, so my options for legal action are not very abundant. However if they sell it to a reseller, I want to know if the device gets software replaced, since the serial number is still registered to me. Can/Will Apple notify me if someone tries to restore the device? And will they be advised that the device has been reported as stolen?....Does anyone have advice regarding dealing with recovery of a stolen device. The product is also listed with "Get my stuff back" so there is a standing reward for it's return.



Thanks for any help.....

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Solved by lllaass on Aug 19, 2012 8:50 AM Solved

Apple will do nothing. One they restore the iPod they can use it without problems.See:

Reporting a lost or stolen Apple product

You are doing all you can but you can add your iPod here too.

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