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When I set up my user account last year when I got this computer, I am pretty sure I remember a shortname being filled in or suggested to me, and it had an uppercase character for its first letter. So, my short name is "Name" -- except, you know, instead of "Name" it's my first name.


Anyway, I haven't had any issues until I installed 1Password. I'm having some trouble keeping it in sync, and ran a troubleshooting app as part of their guidance and I see that they say an issue is that my shortname contains an uppercase letter, when in fact it should be all lowercase.


I find mixed reviews online of whether all lowercase in the short name is still a thing—I've found a few places that say uppercase letters were allowed in 10.6.8, but others say that it should be all lowercase and I need to change my shortname.


I'd really rather not change it, but just to see how I would do it if I ended up having to, I checked out these instructions I got hung up on enabling the root user, though, because I'm not able to select "Enable root user" from the edit menu. It's always grayed out.


I then found this Apple doc on enabling the root user in Mountain Lion: but it's nothing different. "Enable root user" is still always grayed out in the edit menu.


So... Is there no way I can enable the root user? I'm running 10.8.

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.2), 15" Early 2011
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