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Hi all.  Unfortunately my 2TB Western Digital HD that I had my user folder is in the process of failing, reporting S.M.A.R.T. issues.  Fortunately, I had a clone of the drive and it is under warranty from WD, who has already sent me a replacement.  The issue is, I would like to wipe the drive absolutely clean before sending it back to WD.  But Disk Utility and Drive Genius 3 are both unable to make much progress. 


Does anyone know of another utility that may be able to work it's way through the drive's failings to be able to wipe the data?  I have used things like DiskWarrior in the past, but don't have a Mountain Lion compatible version and frankly don't even remain whether it would have secure erase functionality.


Thank you for any help!

Mac Pro, OS X Mountain Lion
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    If Disk Utility and Drive genius cannot write to the drive to over-write the data, it is so far gone that hackers will not be able to get the data off either.


    Disk Warrior operates almost exclusively on the directory, and has no data wiping or data saving abilities.


    I think that drive is really bad off, and your data are never coming off it in readable form.


    If it contains Military secrets, forget the warranty and destroy it with a Hammer.