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Here's a question for the iMovie pros...


There is an effect in Photoshop which is brilliant - if you already have a photo open you can use the "match color" feature to change the colors of your photo from another image file... that file could be a famous painting... the results are fantastic!


Does iMovie have an effect or a plugin that would do this? I can't find any information.



iMovie '11, OS X Mountain Lion
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    it's bigger brother FCPX has such an effect for video.-


    no plug-ins for the actual version of iMovie.


    for sure, when double-click a clip in iM, the Inspector/Video offers some basic color-corrections/-manipulations, such as moving the white-point.


    your examples are a bit more tricky, due to some colors are not affected - ex #1 the sky stays blue allthough the color-temperature is set to more 'warmth'.


    ex #2, the guy, is simpler: raise brightness, add warmth, raise saturation ......