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Macbook Pro, 10.8


On reboot from Windows XP with boot camp, my system clock in OS X is always wrong. Windows likes to use local time, while OS X uses GMT with the system clock. 10.8 doesn't update the time on reboot... and never does (or at least not within 12 hours). Is it just me or is anyone else encountering this?

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    Choose the same time zone in both. It's normal that it appears

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    I don't have bootcamp installed but my MBP was always 8 hours out if I relied on the "automatically detect..." functions. Nothing I could find on the Apple forums or the web fixed it and I suspect the problem was somehow related to the state of the battey (which is in a bad condition).


    In the end the only way I could solve the issue was – whilst logged in as an administrator – to set the timezone and time manually (switch-off the automatic settings) then reset the PRAM. I then went back to the Date & Time prefs. and re-activated the automatic time and timezone checkboxes. This seemes to have cured the discrepancy, now lwts see how long for...