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I don't know what is going on.  I have an audio cd that has 3 tracks on it.  Went to copy it by:


1) open with iTunes and move to burn playlist

2) drag and drop tracks to Folder burn folder


And I think some other things I tried [I am desparate].  Every time I tried to then burn a blank cd, I was told that the tracks were too large for my cd.  The original cd is 700mb 52x.  My blank cds are 700mb 52x.  The three tracks were on the original cd, so obviously they worked on that as far as space goes. These must be aiff files, not wav files, so what is going on with the space issue.


Another side issue.  I bring up iTunes and want to move tracks from one playlist to another.  Used to select them and then drag them to the highlighted playlist where I wanted them.  Now when I select files and try to drag them to another playlist, get no highlighting for other playlists.  The only way I can move them is to select and with the right click drop down, select "move to playlist.....".  Also, when I moved some files to my burn playlist, and tried to burn the playlist, now I get a message that they can't be burned because song cannot be found.


Wanted to get a number of cds burned today.  So anyone please help.

iMAC, Mac OS X (10.5.7)