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After upgrading my Macbook Air from Lion to Mountain Lion, the system has a very high cpu load, and the crash reporter is the process that causes thee high load. In the error log I see this entry several times per second:


17.08.12 12:58:46,011 ReportCrash[5998]: com.apple.message.domain: com.apple.crashreporter.writereport.crash

com.apple.message.signature: Image Capture Extension

com.apple.message.signature2: com.apple.ImageCaptureExtension2 ||| 8.0 (8.0)

com.apple.message.signature3: 03A96CBDA3C85A114383537BFC5C8999

com.apple.message.result: NO

com.apple.message.summarize: YES



I investigated a bit more and recovered, that it has something to do with the printer drivers. When I remove all printers from setting, everything is fine. As soon as I add a printer (Brother MFC 9440CN printer/scanner, printer driver provided by Mountan Lion), the crash reporter starts it's work and the error log is full of those entries.


Any suggestions?


Thanks in advance,


MacBook Air, OS X Mountain Lion