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I've just tried to redownload a previously purchased lesson from within an updated Garage Band.

It did aknowledge that I had already purchased the item/lesson and, as it usualy did with the songs from iTunes a few months ago (just before iCloud), it asked me if I wanted to repurchase the item.

As I had no other visible way of redownloading the lesson I pressed the ok button.


The problem is that, afterwards, it did, in fact, charge my credit card for this redownload. As a matter of fact it did charge my credit card twice since I did click the button a second time few seconds after, as I wasn't sure that everything was right.


So now, I've paied 3 times for the same lesson:

- 1st one, the 9th of January of 2010.

- 2nd and 3rd, the 11th of August of 2012.



Does anyone know how can I redownload all the lessons I've purchased back in 2010?

Since I've updated to the latest version of Garage Band (sold through the App Store) I've lost all of them. What can I do?


I know Apple aknowledges the sell of those (anyway I have the invoices), but I can't find any of those applestore purchases I've made prior to the last 18 months (I'm refering to my Apple Store Account > Orders page)



And since now we don't have Express Lane anymore I'm in a deathend!



Thanks in advance for any help!

GarageBand (Mac) '11, Mac OS X (10.7.4)