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I have iWork V9.0.03 and cannot get Pages to open.  I need to update some things on a document and cannot get it to open or get Pages to open.  I reinstalled iWork and even did the most recent update.  Still have issues.


I really need Pages to get working as this is an important document.

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    Oh, I am OS X...

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    What version of OS X? And what updates to OS X or iWork did you do?


    For OS X your iWork '09 should be v9.0.4 or later. For Leopard, 10.5.x, or Snow Leopard, 10.6.x, v9.0.5 is probably best, for Lion, 10.7.x, v9.1 & for Mountain Lion, 10.8, v9.2.


    Just as a suggestion from someone who learned the hard way, never do any updates on critical systems when a deadline is looming.



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    I didn't update anything.  I was trying to reload iWork in an effort to delete and reinstall the Pages portion.  All the other iWork programs work fine and Pages isn't.


    It is

    Mac OS X 10.6.8 (10K549)

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    You said in your first post that you reinstalled iWork & applied the latest update.


    Trying to install iWork by manually moving it from a backup or other drive just doesn't work well. There are "pieces" that are often missed, usually the the iWork ’09 folder in HD > Library > Application Support.



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    I installed the latest iWork update which didn't have anything for Pages.  I didn't move it from another drive or from backup.  I installed from the disc. 


    I have the path you listed...

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    I'm sorry, but I'm very confused here. Let's back up a bit. You said you reinstalled iWork, so where did you reinstall it from? The original retail boxed disk, the downloaded trial or the Mac App Store? Then the question is, how did you get the updater? From Software Update or a standalone from Apple Support on this page? Do you recall which update it was?


    The latest iWork update is v9.2 & updates Keynote to v5.2, Pages to 4.2 & Numbers to 2.2. You can use software update or try the standalone updater found here. But, since you're running Snow Leopard, there is no need to update past Pages 4.0.5 & will probably cause problems.


    If you purchased Pages from the Mac App Store it is probably best to delete it & then redownload it, but only if you are using Lion 10.7.4 or Mountain Lion 10.8. For some unknown reason, many users have had problems getting Pages to work properly after updating.



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    OK, let's start again here...


    -I have iWork 9.0.3 on disk.  I deleted Pages and the other two programs found on that disk and reloaded iWork.


    -Initially, all three worked fine.  However, now, I cannot use any of them!  I had Numbers working fine when I reloaded the first time.  i deleted everything and tried a second time and now everything doesn't work.


    -I did do an update from the downloads section on apple's site.  I am wondering if that was a bad thing to do.


    Do I need to do a full deletion of the programs and start over with just the iWork disk I have?


    If so, what is the process to make sure I delete the programs and the update?



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    When all else fails & trying to fix things just seems to make matters worse, it's best to start over.


    I have iWork 9.0.3 on disk. I deleted Pages and the other two programs found on that disk and reloaded iWork.

    I hope you mean you have a CD/DVD from a retail box to install iWork '09 from. We'll start with deleting your current install. Please, don't do this unless you have the CD/DVD to reinstall from. The files to delete are the iWork ’09 folder from the main HD > Applications; the iWork ’09 folder in HD > Library > Application Support & the individual iWork application plist files found in HD > Users > (your account) > Library > Preferences for each user. Yvan Koenig has written an AppleScript that removes the files. You can find it on his box.com account in for_iWork'09 > other_iWork'09 items > uninstall iWork '09.zip.


    I'm trying to see if I can find the iWork 9.0.5 updater but It's no where to be found. I found Apple's article about it but there is no link. That's not really a problem since it's the iWork 9.0.4 updater that is needed for Snow Leopard.