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Hello Apple Community,

I'm really looking for a 2nd opinion though I'm fairly certain of the root cause.


My MacBook is not longer charging my battery.  I've got two batteries & tried both. Inside of OS X the battery icon states "No battery" on one, and "Battery needs service" on the 2nd.

I've reset the SMC, reseated the RAM & SSD I have installed and followed the directions for the support articles below.

Both batteries now no longer show any lights on the bottom when charge-indication button is pressed. This is strange to me because just a couple days ago (Friday August 17th actually) my MacBook was working fine on the battery alone. While doing some writing and web browsing at 50% LCD brightness my battery icon stated I had a little more than 3.5 hours of charge.

I don't have any form of battery docking-station that charges them. The way I've always charged these batteries is to connect it to my MacBook and leave it on the Magsafe for several hours.


I want to lean towards this being an issue with the logic board, since neither battery is working but both batteries no longer show any charge as well so I'm not sure.


I've looked at the following articles to try & troubleshoot or resolve the issue w/o success.






I'm open to any advice anyone has. Thank you for your time!


MacBook Late-2008 (2.4GHz; Model 4,1; A1181), 4GB DDR2, Kingston 60GB SSD.

MacBook, Mac OS X (10.7.4)
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    I hope this is not too late.  I had this problem, and I followed the steps outlined in your email, but I could not reset the SMC because the battery was drained.  My daughter took the Mac to the Apple Store because the logic board was less than a year old, the the battery less than four months.  She was told that it was a logic board problem, and that the solution was around $300.00 - but they gave her a new battery.  She brought the Mac back to me With the new battery, I was able to reset the SMC, and all is now well.


    Mac Book Pro 2008.



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    This is going to seem crazy, but after reading lots of these threads and no one coming up with an answer, I picked up the ball where it was dropped and tried something.. different. Some people had some luck replacing the battery connector / contact, but it only worked intermittently. My belief was that perhaps the computer body was simply warping and causing the battery disconnection. I then applied a vice clamp to the part of the body that houses the battery and the connector, slowly increasing the pressure until, Presto! The macbook started up.




    While it's not a permanent fix, it does work now, and it's illuminated what the problem is.

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    I'm going to see if I can find a clamp that is low profile enough to allow for access to the keyboard / the laptop to close.. maybe an office type document clip would work..