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I have my prefs set in Safari to save passwords for log-ins.  Often, it works. But here is a web site




where putting the username and password in manually does NOT result in being asked whether to save the password.


There is a saved password in Safari for this web site, but the password I now use is different.  But the update is not triggered.


Any ideas as to why, and what I can do about it?   I cannot edit my passwords once they are saved in Safari, because of another Safari bug (or perhaps because of some corrupted file on my system).



iMac, Mac OS X (10.7.4), 4GB RAM
  • Carolyn Samit Level 10 Level 10 (95,985 points)
    There is a saved password in Safari for this web site, but the password I now use is different.


    Open Keychain Access located in HD > Applications > Utilities


    Select Passwords on the left.


    Type in the name of the website in the search field top right corner of the window. Then right control click that keychain, then click Delete.


    Now go to Safari > Preferences > Passwords. Select and remove the website url there.


    Now go to Safari > Preferences > Autofill. Make sure: User names and passwords  is selected.


    Navigate to that website. Enter the user name and password. Click Yes when prompted. That will create a new keychain for you with the correct password.

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    Thank you - actially, I did ust that on my own from this  web site.  But it is only one of several I have encountered where the keychain entry is outdated and I have manually put in the current passwrod.  Sometmes, I have been asked to save the new password, but often not. 


    Is this a known defect in Safari or a symtom of somethng wrong in my system?

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    Some sites, including that one, are constructed to prevent the client from storing a password. You would have to use a password manager such as "PasswordWallet" to avoid having to enter your credentials.

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    Try this:

    (1) Open "Keychain Access.app"

    (2) Select keychain "login" and category "all items"

    (3) Click the + (add) icon at the bottom

    (4) Enter the webpage, username and password.

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    Safari used to prompt to save passwords but does no longer.

    Only got a few passwords still operational.

    For some reason a site that previously allowed autofill login (iCloud) is no longer in the list.

    Have been trying to reactivate but to no avail.

    Followed all your steps to add in keychain but still does not appear in Safari Preferences Passwords.

    And yes Autofill User names & passwords has always been ticked.


    Any ideas greatly appreciated.

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    Had a similar situation.


    Safair refused to update a password on Angie's List.


    Removed the old entry from passwords in Safari.

    As it turned out, that evidently resulted in it not being in the keychain.

    Logged back in; Safari still did not update the password.

    Quit Safari. Logged in using Chrome. Had Chrome Save password.

    Quit Chrome.(But wondered if Chrome was better than Safari in other areas as well.)

    Reopened Safari and the new password was there after I allowed acess to the Keychain entry made by Chrome. The allow access noticed popped up automatically.


    This and the other recommended process work, but things should be simpler for dealing with password problems.

    If would be great if Apple make direct password updating from within Safari.an option. I am also more motivated to check out the capabilites of Keychain Access.

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    Wow, the "Chrome method" described by Frank108 actually worked.  Safari would NOT prompt to save a username and password on a particular website (it was a cell phone warranty website).  I logged into the website using Chrome, and was prompted to save the username and password. I said yes and saved the username and password in Chrome.  I logged out of the website, exited Chrome, and opened Safari and navigated to that same website.  I then got a prompt from Safari to use the information in the key chain (from Chrome) for this website.  From that point forward, Safari remembered the user name and password for that website.  Amazing work-around.  While I am pleased I found a way to force Safari to remember passwords for sites that do not prompt for passwords, it is a pretty sad commentary on Safari that I have to use a competitor's browser to resolve this issue.