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After safari restarts and opens up the windows I previoulsy had open, or I do this myself, many of them are pulling up incorrectly. A few will show up normally, but many of them will come up blank. The title of the page is still at the top of the page, but the url is absent.Screen Shot 2012-08-20 at 9.43.25 PM.png

As seen in this screenshot.

Any tips on how to fix this?

I'm running Safari 6.0 on a brand new iMac.



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    My friend has the exact same issue, and we can't seem to find anything else on the internet that even resembles the problem except this other Apple discussion thread.


    She's running Safari 6.0.2 on Lion and this issue is pushing her to use other browsers because Safari loses some or all of the tabs she had open.


    Almost every time she quits and reopens Safari, this issue causes a few or most of the tabs to be blank (like completely white blank) with "Search Google or enter an address" in the address bar and nothing left but the original title of the tab at the top of the window, exactly like the screenshot above. It isn't clear why only some of the tabs are usually lost, but it seems like older tabs are lost first.


    Please, any suggestions would be helpful.



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    I've just encountered this annoying problem too.  It's just part of a growing list of glitches in my Apple products lately.  APPLE, PLEASE GET YOUR ACT TOGETHER AND STOP RELEASING GLITCHY PRODUCTS!  Simple and Reliable is why we all fell in love with Apple to begin with!

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    I'm also having this issue. It's highly annoying.

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    I have the same issue in Safari 6.0.5 in MacOsX 10.7.5 and 10.8.5. This is another reason why I can't use safari. First is ugly bookmarking. I prefer Firefox for now.