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I followed the procedure above to establish the Shared library in the Shared iTunes Media folder.  Via my admin user I then cleaned and deduped the consolidated library using iTunes and then TuneUp.

I then logged onto an existing users account; deleted all the music including moving to trash - in theory leaving me with a clean iTunes for that user.  I then changed the iTunes library in preferences to the Shared Library folder and added the music.

I ended up with a myriad of duplicates and a bunch of missing and mismatched artwork, less than half of the my clean up was carried forward into the other account for the SAME shared library.

I then created a new account and loaded the shared library - again clean ups were not carried forward.


I actually want to shift the library to a network drive but had decided to progress through this consolidation first ...


Does anyone have some useful detail in managing a shared iTunes library across multiple accounts ?????  (The various books on the market do no more than represent this article and a web search doesn't reveal any more detail either.)


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    Further to this I have now found out that as you go through the duplication removal process in the shared environment - display duplicates, delete to trash the duplicate files, that they are NOT deleted from the shared directory.  This was obviously why my cleanup process was pointless.


    Is there a setting that I have missed, or do I have to go through this ridiculous process everytime, or do I need to start from scratch.


    It is becoming increasingly apparent that iTunes was never intended for this and that any attempt to set up a shared environment as suggested is the articale is fraught with lots of pain.


    Any advice welcome.

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    iTunes can be connected to files that are inside the iTunes Media folder and others that are outside of it. When you remove tracks from iTunes it will only offer to physically detete the files that are inside the media folder. I suspect this is one aspect of your problems with it.


    I don't know what format you have files in but .wav for example don't carry a tag and occasionaly .mp3 files can have multiple tags. Removing and then reimporting the same files may not give consistent results, leaving you with more clean-up work to do.


    If you're planning to move the library to a new location you want all the content properly organized inside the iTunes media folder otherwise when you attempt to move it you are likely to break the links from iTunes to the tracks. The iTunes Media folder should be inside the main iTunes library folder holding your database.



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    Thanks for the feedback.  All the files are in ma4 format.  I followed the procedure detail above; dragged the iTunes Media folder to the music sub directory of the Shared user directory, changed the preference to point to the shared directory.  I then proceeded with the clean up, then brought in other songs from home sharing, cleaned up again, thinking that as I deleted to trash the files were actually being deleted in the shared directory (which I had previously set to r/w for all the accounts).  I then followed the procedure as described for setting up the other users.


    It wasn't until I found that the cleaning/de-duping process hadn't appeared to work that I actually checked to see whether the dup files had been deleted in the shared directory.  Then found out that they hadn't - despite being deleted to trash in each of the user accounts.


    While the dup files have now been removed from the local iTunes account, the files still exist in the shared directory.  I rechecked the rights to the subdirectories and they are r/w.   Somewhere along the line iTunes has lost delete rights to the directory. 


    Not sure where this delete (r/w) access is controlled within iTunes and how it can be reset.


    And yes the aim is to get all the content organised and de-dupe etc before the next shift :-)


    Any futher suggestions ?

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    Not sure how you repair permissions on a Mac but you should make sure both your account and system have full access to the entire iTunes folder structure.


    See my post Make a split library portable. Once the library is in the proper shape you can use File > Add Folder to Libaray... to import the entire iTunes Media folder again. Any new tracks will be added to the library. Then use Option+File > Display Exact Duplicates to show the duplicates, sort the list on Date Added and delete those added today.



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    thanks.  will give that a go.  R

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    Hey R,


    Did you resolve this problem? I believe my situation is similar to yours. I am trying to use one library for two users each with their own user account accessing the shared library on one computer. However, changes that I am making in the library from one user account are being undone when I access the library from the other user account. I would like to know how the settings should be for "Keep iTunes Media folder organized" and "Copy files to iTUnes Media folder when adding to library" when the library is being access by two different users. I don't want to have to have two copies of the same audiobooks and albums on my computer, one for each user, just because I could not get the library to truly share the files between the two users.