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I've almost given up on this app altogether. Here's a list of some of the bugs I've encountered:


  • App spontaneously sets all podcasts to unplayed.
  • Whilst playing podcast, app would sometimes cease playing when phone auto-locked.
  • App would often not stream episodes over wi-fi.
  • App has locked up several times whilst trying to play previously downloaded / streamed content.
  • App has had to be uninstalled & reinstalled after becoming unresponsive (even after phone reset), several times.
  • Podcast episodes have been unplayable, crashing the phone completely.
  • Said episodes have sometimes disappeared & been unavailable for redownload.
  • Latest update seemed to resolve some of these issues but still seeing problems with streaming, auto-download, locking up.


Perhaps the most infuriating issue I'm experiencing is the auto-download function not working. I listen to my podcasts on the way to & from work & I have a wi-fi conntection that I auto-connect to at work & home. That's pretty much 20 hours of the day where I have wi-fi coverage. For some reason, this app is not downloading new episodes when they become available despite being subscribed & having auto-download enabled. It chooses to download them now & then but often appears to 'forget' which leaves me stuck with new epsidoes I can't listen to when I get my phone out after leaving the house.


This seems like a really simple thing to get right. If podcast subsctiptions work so well on iTunes, why can't this app do the same?


Sort it out please Apple, we are your paying customers & this app simply does not work.

iPhone 4, iOS 5.1.1
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    Auto-download is broken for me as well. At least partially broken. It only seems to auto download once you go to the app, maybe even open up the podcast series. My iPad sits home all day plugged in. I expect all my subscribed podcasts to download during that time. They don't, they wait for me to visit the podcasts app.

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    I finally solved this by changing the Auto-Lock settings. Mine were set to Auto Lock in 2 minutes. I changed the setting to 15 minutes and my New Yorker Magazine downloaded without incident -- although it took much more than 15 minutes. (I now suspect that my prior setting was the reason my Newsstand publications never downloaded automatically.) I have now reset Auto-Lock to "Never" to test whether that works in the future for automatic downloads --basically because my DSL speed is not optimum.