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I am trying to set things up so I can use my old Powerbook (15", 1.67ghz, 10.4.11) to show things on my tv (an HD though I will have settle for SD.) I have it set up now so I can play iTunes audio and video from my MacBook Pro (15", quad core, 10.6.8) but I am not having any success in seeing remote disks, ie DVDs on the MacBook Pro. I have found info on the net that suggests:


- two lines entered into the Terminal (I can write them if requested)

- being sure Finder preferences are set up so that CDs and DVDs will show up in the sidebar of Finder windows

- adding a com.apple.NetworkBrowser copy.plist file to the Powerbook (actually I just copied the one from the MacBook Pro so maybe that is why that didn't work.)


I cannot get a DVD, for example, to show up as a disk on the Powerbook yet it seems I should be able to. I am also uncertain if I will be able to play the DVD on the MacBook Pro but have the video and audio from it displayed on the tv, going through the Powerbook as a remote disk.Some say it will work, others say is won't.


Anyway, how do I get the disk to show up on the Powerbook? Even if it was only a data disk, I should be able to do that, right? I am not even seeing "Devices" on Powerbook Finder windows.


Thanks for any help.






PS I am feeding the tv video from the S-VHS out from the Powerbook. What would be the best resolution to use?


PPS I am using Teleport to control the Powerbook. It works pretty well but has some drawbacks.

15" Powerbook/1.67 Ghz (DL/HR) w/ 320 GB internal drive, Mac OS X (10.4.11), 1.5 gb RAM, Fantom 250 gb external firewire drive
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    What version of Mac OS X are you using on your MacBook?


    Make sure you can see the MacBook on the network. (Go to network on the PowerBook)

    These machines need to be on the same network.




    On the MacBook go to system preferences and select the share option. Enable sharing of the DVD/CD drive.


    Insert a data disk into the drive and when it has mounted, select 'info' from the file menu.

    Tick the "Shared Folder" box to enable the disc to be shared.

    It should then appear on the other mac as a shared folder along with the default drop box folder.

    You can then access the files from the disc and install from it.


    On your PowerBook go to network (Where you should now see the MacBook)

    Connect (Put in password and username of your MacBook)

    You should now see the optical drive and the data disk.


    I doubt you can play DVD's once you have mounted them on your PowerBook desktop via this method

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    Thanks for the quick reply!


    MBP has 10.6.8. Powerbook 10.4.11.


    The MBP is being seen on the network from the Powerbook.


    Sharing of DVDs and CDs is set up on MBP and the Powerbook.


    I tried checking share this folder on a regular DVD (not a data disc) using Get Info but that didn't let it appear on the Powerbook. I do see that Apple says I can't play DVDs this way so that may be it. I then tried it with a data disc. The Powerbook is still not seeing it. (I then connected the Powerbook to the MBP using connect to recent servers. That didn't help. I was already connected to the Powerbook from the MBP as well as by using Teleport.)


    So, maybe I can't play DVDs but I still should be seeing Devices (and any discs on the MBP) from a Powerbook Finder window and I'm not.


    Any other ideas?




    I read on another thread here that both machines have to be connected to the network the same way... Is that true? The MBP is wireless to a Time Capsule. The Powerbook is wired by ethernet to the Time Capsule. I have tried with Firewalls on both machines off, that hasn't made any difference.


    I would also add: When I look at the DVD/CD Sharing in the Sharing preference pane, it says that is blocked by the Firewall, regardless of whether the Firewall is on or off. I have read elsewhere that is an incorrect error message. That for some people, it will say it is blocked but it does work.

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    Have you installed  DVD or CD Sharing Setup Update for Mac v1.0.


    This article may provide you with further information.



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    Yes. I tried that last night. It turns out that the Powerbook has a newer version of that on there already.


    I've seen that article too (and many other from Apple and elsewhere) and think I have tried all that it suggests. I am also reading many posts here on remote discs. The latest suggestion was to try to drag the disc over. I tried that with a data disc and got a few error messages but at least it looked like it might work. It did nothing with a regular DVD that I made (not copy protected).


    So, we're still fishing around...