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I am using Apple Extreme for my everyday use - Just purchased a new Yamaha receiver with a LAN for Pandora, etc. I plugged it in to my airport express and just getting a blinking yellow light. Looked for it in the networks in area but didn't show - is there something I need to do to get this configured or to see it on my Extreme? Any ideas?


OS X Mountain Lion, 2TB Western Digital external drive for mymac
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    The AirPort Express is not "plug and play" since it can be configured to do a number of different things.


    We need to check to see which versions that you have of the AirPort Extreme and AirPort Express to make sure that things will work together correctly.


    Are both of these devices relatively new?


    I am not clear from the information in your post what you want the Express to do. It appears that you want it to connect using wireless only to the AirPort Extreme and provide an Ethernet LAN connection for a device.  Is that correct?


    Will the Express be located in an area where it can receive a strong wireless signal from the AirPort Extreme?

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    Airport Extreme bought in June 2007 and the Airport Express a few months ago.


    I want to use it in my great room with ethernet connected to the Yamaha receiver. The Yamaha was installed today and they plugged it to the express, which is flashing yellow.

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    Any ideas from anyone?

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    Airport Extreme bought in June 2007

    2007 is right on the bubble between good news and bad news.


    Is the AirPort Extreme "square" shaped with rounded corners, or is it "round", like a flying saucer?


    If you open Macintosh HD > Applications > Utilities > AirPort Utility.....does the AirPort Extreme appear on the screen?

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    It is square and yes, it shows on the utility.

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    Hold in the reset button on the AirPort Express for 9-10 seconds and then release it. Allow a full minute for it to restart to a slow, blinking amber light.


    Unplug the power on the Express and temporarily move it to the same room as the AirPort Extreme for the setup.


    Power up the Express and let it run a minute.


    Open AirPort Utility and click on the tab at the upper left corner of the window that reads Other AirPort Base Stations (1).


    Click on AirPort Express xxxxxx


    Wait a minute or two while AirPort Utility analyzes the network and then announces that the Express will be configured to "Extend" your network.


    Enter in a name for the AirPort Express device


    Click Next


    Wait a few minutes to allow AirPort Utility to read the setttings on the AirPort Extreme and configure the AirPort Express with the settings that it needs


    When you see the message that Setup is Complete, click Done


    Unplug the Express and move it to the desired location and power it back up. Wait a minute for a green light.


    Make sure the AV receiver is powered off


    Connect a known good working Ethernet cable from the LAN <-> port on the Express to the AV receiver and power up the receiver.


    Check things out.

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    Thanks for your help. Works fine!

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    Glad that things are working.


    So that we might learn......did you configure the Express before and it did not work....or did you not know that it needed to be configured to function on your network?