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Some keys not working.  Need help/suggestions.  Not great with computers so PLEASE give details/steps re: how to do what you suggest - thanks!


Details: intel based iMac running snow leopard 10.6.8.  Apple wireless/bluetooth keyboard (came with the iMac).


Some keys suddenly stopped working:  space, tab, capLock, option key to the right of space bar (one on the left works), down arrow


The problem happens in various programs (safari, pages, etc)


The keyboard is fine on another iMac

A different keyboard is fine on this/the involved iMac

(nutshell: keyboard works fine - computer works fine, unless they're together)


Here's what's been tried/checked:

-checked the settings for universal access ("mouse keys" are off) and checked for any bluetooth keyboard shortcuts.

-in system preferences "speech" is not set for "speak selected text when the key is pressed" - this is not checked/selected

-tried creating a new user but had the same issue so it's computer-wide rather than just a user account

-removed the keyboard and reconnected (using the +/- signs and "disconnect" and putting in a new code of numbers to pair keyboard)

-language/text is set for english

-did the keyboard viewer and the keys in question did NOT highlight when pressed (but don't forget the entire keyboard is fine on a different computer so thekeys aren't the issue)

-"slow keys" is turned off re: keyboard in system preferences.


Any help is welcomed.  It's frustrating knowing the keyboard works, just not with this computer.  Please help.  Many thanks!

imac, Mac OS X (10.6)
  • rkaufmann87 Level 9 Level 9

    Please do an SMC reset, you can find detailed instructions by clicking iMac SMC and PRAM reset.

  • 123pleasehelpme Level 1 Level 1

    Thanks for the info.  It did NOT resolve the issue.  Any other suggestions???

  • RRFS Level 5 Level 5

    Can you try using another keyboard and see if the issue is the keyboard or the iMac?

  • 123pleasehelpme Level 1 Level 1

    yes - not sure how this works...if you can see my original post there are a lot of details in there.  If you can't...


    nutshell: the keyboard works on a different iMac

                 a different keyboard works on this/the involved iMac

                 I tried to create a different user and the keyboard still does not work so it is computer-wide

                 I also removed the keyboard from the computer (using the +/- symbols and disconnecting and then repairing it.  The problem remained


    Thanks for any help.  It's crazy that the keyboard is fine and the computer is fine but together, there's the problem.


    Thank you!!!

  • rkaufmann87 Level 9 Level 9

    Do each of the resets I provide in my initial post at least 2-3 times back to back.

  • 123pleasehelpme Level 1 Level 1

    tried the resets back to back 3 times...still no help.  What else can I try?


    Thank you!!!

  • rkaufmann87 Level 9 Level 9

    You can try restarting in Safe Mode, this will clear some caches it's possible one is corrupt. If that doesn't work try another keyboard with the computer it may be the keyboard itself.

  • 123pleasehelpme Level 1 Level 1

    I will try the safe mode restart and let you know.  In the meantime...the keyboard is perfectly fine on a different iMac and a different keyboard is fine on this/the involved iMac.  They are fine separately but together have the issue.  (reminder: a new user account was created/tried and it had the problem, too)


    Question:  with the resets (SMC & PRAM) and safe mode restart...what can go wrong?  Can it have a negative thing happen to the computer?



  • rkaufmann87 Level 9 Level 9

    If another keyboard works OK, then it's probably your keyboard. Swap it out.

  • 123pleasehelpme Level 1 Level 1

    But the keyboard is perfect - fine - working normal when used with a different computer. 


    (I can't just use it on that different computer long term - it wasn't mine.  Borrowed it just to troubleshoot things so I need to figure this out somehow)


    Something goes wrong when the keyboard and that computer are together.  So I can say 100% that the keyboard is working just not with that computer.


    Thanks and please keep trying.  I really need someone to help b/c I ran out of ideas long ago.


    Thank you

  • 123pleasehelpme Level 1 Level 1

    Since no one had an answer for the last plea:


    Can anyone explain how to reset the computer settings for the keyboard back to the original/factory settings?  (for keyboard ONLY - not the entire computer)


    Of course, any new suggestions re: the actual problem are always welcome


    Thank you!!!!

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  • 123pleasehelpme Level 1 Level 1

    Noonedog, so sorry to hear you are having the same annoying issue.  I finally ran out of troubleshooting ideas/suggestions and went to the support bar at the apple store.  Told them all the symptoms and troubleshooting I did and the end result...buying a new keyboard.  I went with the wired version - hoping they have less issues (I've heard from many more people with similar keyboard problems like you and I had and they all had the wireless version).  I hope some of the troubleshooting steps I took along the way might help you.  If not, you'll likely be getting a new keyboard, as well.  Good luck!!!

  • Patchlord Level 1 Level 1



    I'm having a similar issue. When I hit the sapce bar, I get a space and a slash; when I hit 0 the keyboard shuts down; delete maxes out the volume and Tab also activates esc. I've reset the PRAM, created another user, erase keyboard preferences and nothing worked. I still haven't tried the keyboard on another mac or a new keyboard. That's my next step, but I was wondering if there's any way to reset the keyboard.


    Any help would be appreciated.


    Thanks and tchau!

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