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Some keys not working.  Need help/suggestions.  Not great with computers so PLEASE give details/steps re: how to do what you suggest - thanks!


Details: intel based iMac running snow leopard 10.6.8.  Apple wireless/bluetooth keyboard (came with the iMac).


Some keys suddenly stopped working:  space, tab, capLock, option key to the right of space bar (one on the left works), down arrow


The problem happens in various programs (safari, pages, etc)


The keyboard is fine on another iMac

A different keyboard is fine on this/the involved iMac

(nutshell: keyboard works fine - computer works fine, unless they're together)


Here's what's been tried/checked:

-checked the settings for universal access ("mouse keys" are off) and checked for any bluetooth keyboard shortcuts.

-in system preferences "speech" is not set for "speak selected text when the key is pressed" - this is not checked/selected

-tried creating a new user but had the same issue so it's computer-wide rather than just a user account

-removed the keyboard and reconnected (using the +/- signs and "disconnect" and putting in a new code of numbers to pair keyboard)

-language/text is set for english

-did the keyboard viewer and the keys in question did NOT highlight when pressed (but don't forget the entire keyboard is fine on a different computer so thekeys aren't the issue)

-"slow keys" is turned off re: keyboard in system preferences.


Any help is welcomed.  It's frustrating knowing the keyboard works, just not with this computer.  Please help.  Many thanks!

imac, Mac OS X (10.6)
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