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Safari has disappeared from our iPhone. It's nowhere to be found with apps, and isn't listed in settings anymore. FaceTime is also gone. No idea how they disappeared. How do I get them back? Do I need to do a full reset?

iPhone 3G, iOS 5.1.1
  • Anthony Tomasino Level 2 (360 points)

    Try searching for Safari in the App Store. I'm not sure if it's listed there and don't have my phone on me but it's worth a shot.


    Also, hit the home button and go to the main screen. Then swipe to the left to go to the search page. Type "Safari" in the search field. Does it come up as a search result?

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    FaceTime is not a separate iPhone application.  (It is separate on the iPad.)  It is invoked from within the phone or contacts app.


    Try this to get Safari back: go to Settings > General > Reset > Reset Home Screen Layout

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    Thanks, but I tried both unsuccessfully before the post. Safari does not come up on the app store search. And I get "no results" from the iPhone search.

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    Is your phone for a business that uses Exchange or is it your personal phone? Go into Settings > General > Restrictions. Make sure you didn't disable Safari.

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    Tried resetting home screen layout. Layout returned to factory default, but without safari.

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    Thanks. This worked. Once I disabled restrictions, Safari, Facetime and Camera all reappeared.  Something tells me my 10 year old son knows more about these devices than I do, because I don't know how I could have "accidentally" had this problem. Appreciate the help.

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    Make sure to mark the thread as solved so others can refer to it for help. Let me know if you need anything else!


    Edit: I'd put a password on your phone to prevent changes like this. You can have one that is required to unlock it, but if you have others (kids, family) use the phone and don't want that, you can still put a password just to prevent changes to certain settings. Might help in the future.