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When trying to print a document from Appleworks, some of the columns do not print where they show on the computer. The printout does not align them the same way they look on my screen. How do I fix this? Why does it only happen on certain rows and not on every single one?

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    Is this a database in list view? List view isn't really made for printing, though I wish it was. If this is the case, your best option would be to copy the data & paste it into a spreadsheet or to use a columnar report in the database.



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    We're trying to create a letter on Appleworks (Word Processing) and part of the letter requires a "table" of information. However, we can't create a table because I don't know how to print without the lines around the cells. So I tried typing the info and "tabbing" a few spaces over to the next column. How do I know if I'm on list view? I'm using Appleworks 6. Thank you so much!

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    I read your original question as some of the information not printing, not that things were'nt lining up. If you're writing a letter you are not using a database in list view.


    My guess is that first you were using spaces to line things up. That is the way it was done on a typewriter but will only work on a computer if you are using a monospace font such as Courier. In my screenshots I have invisible characters turned on so that you can see the spaces (small dots), tabs (small arrows) & returns.


    When you used tabs I don't think you set tabs but just tabbed & got the default spacing of every half inch. In my second part of my screenshot I have selected all of the text & set tabs where I want them. You only have to do this on the first line & subsequent lines will have the same formatting. However, if you need to apply the format to existing rows, select the rows first then set the tabs.


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