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I have an iCloud account and use photo streaming.  I also have an iTunes Apple ID with all my music, movies, etc.  My Apple TV is connected to my iTunes account, of course, so I can access my music in the cloud (I have iTunes Match).  It works wonderfully, but what doesn't work are my photos.  How do I access my photos on my MacBook Air on my Apple TV in such a case?

MacBook Air, Mac OS X (10.6.6)
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    You need to have home-sharing enabled on Apple Tv (via settings) and iTunes on your computer (advanced). Then in iTunes go to advanced - choose photos to share. Your computer needs to be on and running iTunes for your library to be recognized on the device.



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    This is good info and I easily got it working thanks to your tip, but it only works if my computer is on.  It would basically have the same result as Air Play in Mountain Lion.  What would be ideal is not to have to have the computer on.


    Along these same lines, if I had the same iCloud account as my Apple ID, then it would work, right?

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    That is correct. That is how the content is transmitted. If the computer is off or asleep there is nothing for the ATV to see.


    Mountain Lion enables mirroring (on recent Macs), which is different. This transmits everything that you see on your Mac onto the ATV in real time.


    Basic airplay is only for audio/video stored within iTunes that is in a format ATV can recognize.


    iCloud access would enable you to stream past purchases of Movies and TV shows as well as Photo stream. If you subscribe to iTunes match you can then access your music directly as well.

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    Good points. The folks down at my local Apple Store recommend that my iTunes account and my iCloud account be different.  Not sure why they are recommending this as it limits access to all my stuff on my Apple TV.

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    Not sure why they said that. I've always recommended using the same ID. I believe you can still access Photo Stream and Music as they require separate login.