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I purchased a new iMac 27 with the 3.4 GHz i7 processor a few months ago and finally have a project where I'm using Soundtrack Pro 2.0.2 which was transfered over from my old iMac.


On the old iMac, STP2 would crash from time to time but it was relatively stable.  On the new machine it seems that I can't do more than a couple edits without the machine crashing up.  The Youhng W1 plug in and simply saving the file seem to be the worst offenders.


Any advice on what might be going on here?  Not using the Youhng W1 plugin to avoid crashes is possible but not saving is not!

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    All the pro apps should be installed from the Original disks. Migrating is NEVER advised.


    Use Digital Rebellion's FCS remover to delete the app and start the install fresh.


    That being said, STP v2 is very old and Apple has done nothing to make Mountain Lion backwardly compatible with ancient software.


    What this means is - even with a clean install, it may be unstable.


    Good luck.