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Hi guys, i'm tryng to install windows 7 64bit but no success till now. I'm using an updated version ( service pack 1 integrated) when windows loads i can't install it on the bootcamp partition because it says"windows needs an ntfs partition to install" . Then i cancel that partition, create one new ntfs one, and try to install.... then windows tells me "Impossible to create a new system partition or locate an existing system partition. For further information, look at the program's registry files"


It seems to be an error caused by a defective driver of the controller of the hard disk.... so the controller of the ssd. Or is it something else? how can i install windows via bootcamp on the new macbook pro with retina display?

MacBook Pro with Retina display, OS X Mountain Lion
  • The hatter Level 9 (60,930 points)

    you format the FAT/MSDOS to NTFS inside the Windows installer.


    Windows installer: Advanced Options tab.


    You don't create, you just use the one "BOOTCAMP" that was created by Boot Camp Assistant.


    create a Windows support software (drivers) CD or USB storage media


    The Boot Camp Assistant can burn Boot Camp software (drivers) to a DVD or copy it to a USB storage device, such as a flash drive or hard drive. These are the only media you can use to install Boot Camp software.




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    I was using at first the BOOTCAMP partition. same error. The advanced options tab lets u create a partiton, windows doesn't think u're smart enough to chose if it should be ntfs or fat, and it chooses fat.


    i have the windows support driver usb, and always plugged in.


    i'm running windows installation from a 8 gb usb created from bootcamp from my iso.


    i already red the installation guide and the faq.

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    yes it lets a user do what they want. Does that mean it works and is okay on a mac.


    page 22 details not to delete or create but to format from FAT and of course 7&8 and Vista req'd NTFS.


    So what's the problem.


    You don't need the driver usb until after and that also is FAT but it should be MBR + FAT and probably best not tyo be present.


    Can't burn to USB so don't have to slow down the burn speed.


    I DO NOT know what you read or not seems 85% do not hence I paste some of the common links.


    If you are on a PC or have a disk dedicated to Windows you can do a lot of things and in fact let Windows set up its own partitions if you delete every partition and it will set aside 350MB FAT for Windows 8 system reserved as well as set the rest of the drive how it wants as NTFS or you can create data partitiions along with system partition.

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    the problem is that i can't install win7 on the partition...


    i tried also to only reformat the bootcamp partition, it reformats it but it gives me back an error when i try to install windows on it.


    i told in the first message what the error says.


    i told you i did read the guides because i always do it, it's faster than asking for help usually, i don't like to bother others for things i can read by myself ;-)


    i have a pc with dedicatd windows, i can use it if it's useful to solve my problem. I can acces 2 windows only pc, 1 osx only macbook pro and one dualboot macbook pro... so i have plenty, just 2 days i'm tryng to solve it and no success..... it's not my forst bootcam installation i already did in on the other macbook pro, but this one is a pain in the ***.....

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    I would start completely over.  remove the bootcamp partition with the bootcamp utility.  Then recreate the bootcamp partition. 


    reboot with option key and choose windows installer.


    At drive selection screen, select bootcamp partition and click format option.  After format press next and installer should proceed with install.


    good luck


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    In over 5 yrs reading every thread here, there was only one otherr with something that looks//sounds like


    "windows needs an ntfs partition to install"


    Bing did show one helpful link. partition/8206fa60-6fe7-42c1-bec3-fd17358ee8f8


    The one person  I think it was a logicboard issue. Was also rather recent in last month.


    I have seen issues with SSDs. A couple people cloned Windows onto a Thunderbolt drive and go it to run off one. Having two disk drives present usually leads to problems during install though. Whether a 2nd is GPT or even if MBR that Windows would put the System Reserved on a different drive


    Something about the Retina models.


    Not everyone reads like you do and I just got into the habit of "here are the links" most people don't know there is  - then just type in product name, or that the forum itself has "Overview" which goes to the manuals and support page with the above links and more.

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    All I can do is tell you what I did, because it worked like a charm for me the very first time.


    1. Use the Boot Camp Assistant, not Disk Utility, to set up your drive. You will need to start with one partition (not including the 10.8 recovery partition, that's different). **** near everyone I know that's had serious issues with getting BC set up was NOT using the Boot Camp Assistant, and therefore their drive was not properly set up.
    2. Windows 7 SP1 x64 .iso file, in my case, was located on the desktop of the Retina MBP, as I'd placed it there earlier.
    3. Plug >4GB USB stick in one of the USB slots. Mine was a USB 2 stick.
    4. After making sure that I had a network connection, I left all three checkboxes checked. The Boot Camp Assistant recognized both my USB stick and the iso image on its own.
    5. After building the install iso on the stick (pretty slow process), it then downloaded the drivers from Apple and saved those to the stick. This required authentication.
    6. It then let me choose the size of the partition, partitioned the drive and rebooted to the USB stick. I've seen this fail if you have two USB sticks plugged in for some reason.
    7. Once it rebooted into the installer, I was eventually presented with a list of partition. Per the documentation, I selected the one named 'BOOTCAMP' and reformatted it NTFS. Once it finished that, the install did it's thing.


    Really, it was that simple, and pretty much the same process for every other machine I have ever needed to run Windows on. I have heard stories of people having problems when using drives (especially SSDs) that were not factory standard.

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    Guys i did it. Yeah i was doing the right procedure, but no one says you have to remove ANY usb device when installing, or windows 7 will show up that bloody meaningless error.... The usb device i created with bootcamp ( drivers ) used to stay plugged, and it prevents w7 to install on any partition. Usb removed everything worked as it should've.

  • The hatter Level 9 (60,930 points)

    Ah, even OS X can get into a fit with external FW and USB drives and devices (go back to 10.3.0 bug).


    No we don't always mention it right up front. Yes it should be in anything calling itself an install guide <g>


    May have to add to list of recommendations.


    I do tell people that the presence of any other Mac formatted GUID-GPT drive IS ALWAYS an issue, internal included.

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    I don't understand your solution.  You unplugged the install USB?  When did you do that?  I can't seem to do that at any point to get past this error.  I have to keep it plugged in or I get other errors.

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    No, the only thong you can leave in is the installation media (usb mass storage) but you have to remove any other usb peripheric , like mouse or other usb memories. I'm sorry if i was slightly incorrect , with ANY i meant ANY OTHER

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    Thanks for solving my problem.  I can confirm that the problem was solved for me once I removed an external USB drive that had been plugged in.


    Install No 1 :  Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit on a Mac Book Pro Retina. 

    I Install No 2 :  Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit on a Mac Book Air Retina -

    I tried over and over for but couldn't get it to install.  Really frustrated cos the first install was so easy.

    Checked & rechecked everything over & over.  No luck.


    Took it to the Apple store next day & they used other methods to restore the partition & when they then ran Bootcamp  &  installed Windows 7 it worked first time.  Didn't understand why but probably because USB wasn't plugged in anymore but neither of us realised that was the problem.


    Install No 3:  Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit on my daughters Mac Book Air  Retina.

    1st attempt - resulted in the same error I'd had with my Mac Book Air Retina.


    Had one last try at finding a solution on line.  Found this forum.  Unplugged USB drive.  Restored partition,

    repeated Bootcamp & everything worked like a charm.

  • angelobanjo Level 1 (10 points)

    Thanks all for troubleshooting this - just unplugging another external usb drive did the trick for me.

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    Hi DruidoBianco,

    I managed to install Win 7 pro 64bit with your "unplugging USB" advice, but now i can't install the windows-support-drivers from usb flash drive because the usb 3.0 ports are not working due to the missing drivers. How did you fix that?

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