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Over two weeks ago I was informed by my local Apple shop (Victoria Sq.Belfast.) that could upgrade my MacBook pro from Lion to Mountain Lion.  I went to the shop. An advisor took some detaila from me there seem to be bother involving something to do with AppleUS and AppleUK, Another advisor vertified what my advisor's work, who wrote on my reciept as I had purchased my mac onthe 11 June 12( I would qualify for the free upgrade). What was written I told was my redemption number but I wait for an email from Apple which would give information about the upgade. However twice I have  phoned the local shop only to be told wait so many day longer finally I instructed email uptodatesupport-uk@apple.com. They emailed me asking for Claim reference number, my email address I used to claim my up grade and my name. I emailed back the required information. By return I recieved an email requesting again my claim reference number, my new email address, my name myaddress and phone number it was like as if they had not read my reply to their original email. I got this email on Thurs. 16th August. I replied right away. It is Wed. 22nd August and I have had NO reply from uptodatesupport-uk@apple.  Also I am no wiser about up grading to Mountain Lion. During my phone calls with Victoria Sq. they where to say my up grade was approved I only the email of approval and instructions how to up grade but it is all A BIG NOTHING to date. IS APPLE GOING TO UP GRADE MY MACBOOK PRO OR NOT?

MacBook Pro, OS X Mountain Lion, upgrade from Lion to Mountain Lion
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    I would suggest calling them again and tell them that you haven't received nothing regarding the Mountain Lion upgrade. Tell them that your Mac is entitled to the upgrade because it qualifies for the up to date program from Apple. If that does not work, I would suggest calling up Apple Customer Relations for further help.