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This is a feature request. 


There are two main things that I feel need to be addressed with WaveBurner. 


One is the bugs with DDP export. 


Secondly I would love to see the abiity to bounce regions/tracks at sample rates greater than 44.1khz.  There are situations where I am working with files at a sample rate of say 96khz and need to bounce these files at the same sample rate of 96khz.  As of now WaveBurner only allows you to export files at 44.1khz there by forcing you to sample rate convert upon bouncing.  Please add the functionaility to be able to bounce files at sample rates greater than 44.1khz. 



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    WaveBurner is CD burn software and therefore, I'm afraid, nobody will listen to your request. Apart from that I think WaveBurner has reached its EOL point. For strictly CD production purpose you should look at  HOFA CD-Burn & DDP .

    No hassle there with DDP import or export and the price is very affordable.


    Have a nice day!

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    I think you're right.  This was more of a shot in the dark "feature request" than anything else.  It seems support for WaveBurner is way way on the back burner (pun intended). 


    It's CD software for sure however if it had the ability to export files at sample rates greater than 44.1khz its flexability would greatly increase.  The application itself is really excellent in its simplicity.  However sometimes a project needs to be delivered at say 48khz but still requires track spacing (which is very easy to do in WB) but WB in its current build can't do this.  Seems like all the code is already there and can be taken from Logic.  Just a matter of showing an ounce of effort and support for this forgotten application and implementing it.  


    Allow me to "Bounce CD Tracks..." at sample rates higher than 44.1 and fix the DDP export bugs and I'm all set with WB.  It'll probably never happen though.  I've been demoing DSP Quattro for simple track spacing, fade adjustment and DDP export tasks and so far so good! 

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    Aleatoric, I totally agree with you on this one. Most of my audio cd program edits I do in WB too, but when I have to deliver in DDP format I'm very careful. Doing some quick experiments showed me that it seems when using 3rd party plugs in WP the chances of a messed up DDP export are significantly increased. But anyway if they even can't get the DDP export right, think what could happen to the playlist if they also had to calculate a decent SR conversion! I mean would you trust the result without double checking it?

    And by the way my actual client audio cd mastering output has decreased with at least 90%, I think it has become an obsolete technology and all of this, does not exactly help your cause.


    Good luck!