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MacBook Pro with OS X 10.7.4


I have to shut it down when I'm done using it or the battery dies within a day. For the past couple of months when I shut it down, it rarely actually shuts down. It will start to shut down...the screen will go gray and the little "gear" will spin indefinitely. Sometimes the keyboard will remain lit. If I think it is shutting down and then shut the lid and put it away I'll come back hours later and the case is hot and the battery drained significantly. The only way to reliably shut it all the way off is to eventually push and hold the power button until the screen, keyboard and power indicators all go dark.


Shouldn't shutting it down (clicking the apple icon and selecting "Shut Down") shut the laptop down? What can I do to make this work?

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.2), Solid state drive
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    Used my laptop earlier today, sitting on the desk and plugged in. Walked away from it. Came back four hours or so later. White light on the front was on, but no other indications of life. Nothing wakes it up. Tapped the keyboard, tapped the pad, closed then reopened the lid, tapped the power switch. Nothing. Only way to wake it up is to hold the power button down until the light goes out (maybe 6 seconds?) then tap the power switch and let it power on as if it had been turned off. This happens frequently.

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    This morning I clicked the black apple in the upper-left-hand corner of the screen and chose "sleep". Upon returning a half hour later I was unable to revive the computer. I tried clicking the mouse pad, tapping the power switch and closing and opening the lid. The light in the front of the laptop was on continuously throughout. I finally held down the power switch until the light went out, then tapped the power switch to turn the computer back on. Came back on OK but all my applications had closed and many were giving me the "sorry we closed unexpectedly" type message. Very similar to the closing-the-lid problem that happens occasionally.


    And...45 minutes of work gone. Nice.

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    Interesting. I just clicked the black apple and chose to restart the computer. It just went to the enternal spinning gear, just like it does with shutdown. Finally held down the power button for several seconds then restarted. This can't be normal.

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    If you've tried the 'simple' things - like a NVRAM reset and a SMC reset - then your problem likely isn't software related. Have you tried running the Apple Hardware Test? Try that and see if you get any errors. You don't say which model MBP you have but you may have to take it into your local Apple Store or an AASP and have them run extensive diagnostics on the machine. Oh, and if you're still running 10.7.2, I would recommend updating to 10.7.5 - combo update is here.