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I am working with Pages '08 on my MBP. I keep my 150 page document on the dock so I can access it quickly. I wonder if there is a way to open only small sections of the Pages document at a time. I am worrried that to open and re-open so ofter, I might loose some of the pages.

Thank you


  • PeterBreis0807 Level 7 (34,572 points)

    Divide the document up into Sections with the page numbers starting from where the last one leads off.


    Then make those Sections individual documents, deleting the other sections.



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    Thanks Peter,

    First I wanted to delete a page. It was in a section with another page that I didn't want to delete. I couldn't put a section break before the page to be deleted because the whole page is covered with a photo. I can't figure how to get rid of the unwanted page and not delete the one in the same section (when i select and press delete they both go).


    I wanted to move some of the pages out of pages if possible. I opened a Page layout and tried to drag and drop, but the thumbnails would not go to layout page.


    I read in Pages '08 guide but can't seem to make Section Break work.


    I am a novice, so any info would be appreciated.


    Thanks, Arudi

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    Click on the photo which has text wrap:


    Menu > Arrange > Send to back


    You should now be able to insert a Section Break on that Page.