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I currently have an iphone 4 which i have just backed up in itunes. However, i see that not everything has been backed when i locate the file and check the file size. I can see in itunes that in total, i have used up 7.05GB - (3.7gb on photos, 2.7GB on apps and 0.84GB on other) on my phone yet i only see 3.7GB on my back up file which i can confirm are mainly my pictures.



When i used this back-up file to transfer to my NEW iphone 4s, only my contacts, pictures, bookmarks, notes etc showed up leaving all my apps out. This is strange because i dont know what i'm doing wrong. I have synced all of my apps onto itunes, made sure the tick boxes have been highlighted for sync apps and automatically sync new apps.



Surely my back-up file should show a total file space used as being 7.05GB?


Help please?




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