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Quick question to see if I'm not alone in this... I get Apple ID Password Reset request e-mails every couple of days but I never requested that my Apple ID password to be reset.


Usually it is two or three times in a row on the same day and then nothing for 3 or 4 days and then again once or twice on a day. This has been happening pretty consistently since at least May of 2011.


The e-mail is a pretty standard reset e-mail from Apple. It comes from appleid@id.apple.com and it provides a link which the message says will expire in 3 hours. It also says that if you didn't request this reset, that it is most likely someone who has mistyped their e-mail address and you can safely ignore this message. But this is happening far too often for someone to honestly be mistyping their email address. My name is not a common name nor is the domain name of e-mail address easily mistaken for common ones. I'm using a private domain not any one of the big free e-mail services.


At first I thought that these might be phishing attempts so I never clicked on them. However when they didn't stop, I dug a bit deeper. They seem to be legitimate messages from Apple. The URL linked to is a unique URL which is at iforgot.apple.com. So I took a chance one day and when I clicked on the link, it took me to a page which I confirmed is on the Apple site and allows me to enter my security questions. Again I never actually completed this process since I never needed to reset the password of my Apple ID but based on my research, the e-mails seem to be legitimate.


Note that I have a personal Apple ID as well as one for work and this seems to happen primarily with only my personal Apple ID. Although it does happen with the other one but that is very rare. With the personal one it is happeneing at least once every few days.


Is anybody else experiencing this? Any idea how to stop them or what to do about them? For now I'm just ignoring the e-mails but they are anoying and they make me wonder what (or who) is triggering them and what else that means.



P.S. If there are any Apple ID product managers/engineers on here, maybe you folks want to look at how you send out those e-mails or manage the password reset process, because with this system it would be pretty easy for a malicious person use such e-mails to phish info from customers. I'm more suspicious of password reset e-mails (especially if I didn't knowingly trigger them) but not every one is.



P.P.S. Moderators: There isn't an Apple Support Community specifically for Apple ID so I posted this in the Using Support Communities commuity. However Apple ID is a very important service/product that Apple has and so I think it would be wise to add such a community.

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    I've been getting the same emails. Now I am getting these for the last 3 days, several a day.


    I have ignored them too. BUT the new ones I am getting state they added an email to my account. I log on to my apple account and I do not see it, but my email says that there is this new Yahoo email now linked to my account.

    I got an email stating that I was sent a security code to my device and confirmed my device. This did not happen, my devices did not get any codes sent to them.

    There is not an "AppleCare" "Account Security Advisor."


    Here is a copy of the last three for today...

    Dear XXX,

    You have received this email because an AppleCare advisor has sent a Verification Code to confirm your identity.

    Please provide the code displayed on your device to your AppleCare advisor. If you don't have access to any of your devices, you can continue working with your Apple Care advisor directly.

    If you did not contact AppleCare recently and believe someone else may be trying to access your account, please reset your password and security questions immediately by visiting appleid.apple.com. If you need additional information, contact AppleCare and ask to speak to an Account Security Advisor:  Contacting Apple for support and service

    This is an automated message. Please do not reply to this email.

    Apple Customer Support


    THEN I GET >>>


    You have received this email because a Verification Code sent to your device was successfully used to confirm your identity.

    If you did not personally confirm your identity with AppleCare and believe someone else may be trying to access your account, contact AppleCare and ask to speak to an Account Security Advisor: Contacting Apple for support and service

    This is an automated message. Please do not reply to this email.

    Apple Customer Support


    And finally this one...

    Your identity has successfully been verified for the Apple ID tamib_1999@yahoo.com.

    In 24 hours, you will receive an email with a link to reset your password. Follow the instructions in that email to reset the password for your Apple ID.  After resetting your password, make sure your account and security information is up to date at appleid.apple.com

    If you did not personally request a password reset, contact AppleCare and ask to speak to an Account Security Advisor: Contacting Apple for support and service

    This is an automated message. Please do not reply to this email.

    Apple Customer Support

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    I keep getting these mails too, at a rate of about two to 10 per month, with the messages coming in different languages. I've so far received variants of the same letter in English, French, Russian and Portugese (from Portugal and Brazil).


    The mail address I use for my Apple ID is not easily guessed and most certainly not one that are likely to be entered by mistake, and I'm 100% positive that I haven't been using it in connection with my Apple ID anywhere other than on Apple sites and with Apple products.


    The only reasonable explanation I can see to this is that at some point in time all or parts of the Apple ID database have been leaked into the wild, either through an insider job or through hackers penetrating from the outside. If that is indeed the case, most likely the passwords were encrypted well enough to be useless, and different attack vectors are applied to the database, of which one is to try requesting password resets.


    It surprises me (well, it doesn't actually) that Apple doesn't seem to have any comment to this. I've googled around for a while and easily find lots of people with the same experiences.

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    Count me in to.  I'm running out of passwords.  I have reset it 4 times this year.  I think their sercurity has been breached and they are trying to keep on the down low.

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    This usually happens exactly as the email states... when someone mistypes their email address or has their apple ID registered wrong and cant get into their iTunes account they call up Apple and account security sends them an email reset after verification... it doesn't do any good as their email is wrong and it's going to someone else! I wouldn't feel too alarmed about this as it happens all day long every day! You can always go change your password if you feel uneasy!

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    As I wrote, the email address I use with my Apple ID is not easily guessed, and I can absolutely guarantee it's not one someone types in by mistake and I'm the only one using that domain. I agree the vast majority of such occurences are either honest mistakes or mostly harmless attempts to guess an account, but that can't account for the activity I and others are seeing.

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    The same thing is happening to me.  It would be pretty hard for someone to "accidentally" type in my e-mail address and also for it to happen twice within less than 12 hours.


    Something is awry.

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    I have had 124 of these this year alone and each time I absolutly HAD to change my password, I don't delete my emails so I know the exact number of times this happened. Apple suggested that I change my email password they felt that my email password may have been comprimised since then I have not had to change my password at all, and now all I get are the  "

    To reset your Apple ID password, simply click the link below. That will take you to a web page where you can create a new password.


    Please note that the link will expire three hours after this email was sent."

    I got 12 of these just last night alone, all of them between 12:42am - 5:38am, when my family was sleeping. I have called Apple agaon in this regard and they claim there is nothing to worry about. But I have not had to change my itunes password since I changed my email password.