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Why can't I share my computer with our Apple tv aswell as my husband sharing his, when we naturally we have different apple accounts?


I want to be able to turn on home sharing and be connected to our Apple tv but can't because it says I have to log in with my husbands id. We both live in the house, both use the Apple tv but only he can share his music. Surley Apple is more advanced than that?

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    You can use it. Start here http://support.apple.com/kb/TS2972


    Just being on the same wifi network is all you need, along with both computers(sep id's) allowing home share. Homeshare uses one apple id as a MAIN ACCOUNT so to say. If your husband is setup already, on your computer you have to put in his ID and password to enable it onto that homeshare circut so to speak. On your computer, enable it in itunes. Then it should work. Id recommend installing the latest version of Itunes. Some people have really old copys.

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    Can you see your husbands library under homesharing on your itunes? If you can then its working.

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    iTunes can only Home Share with one Apple ID at a time. So you can only share your two computer libraries if using the same ID. Technically, it probably is possible, but Apple currently does not support more than one ID home share at a time. Here is an excerpt from their support info:


    • To stream music, movies, TV shows, and more to the multiple iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices in your family, as well as your Apple TV (2nd generation), you will need to turn on Home Sharing on the devices. You'll also need to use the same Apple ID on each device on your home Wi-Fi network.
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    Thank you all, for all your help on this. I've now got it working through the sharing. The only down side is that I've just used the last available (of 5) machine authorzations on my husbands account, but i'll worry about that when it becomes an issue.