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My config: MacBook 6,1 with OS X: 10.8.0 - Language: German. The installations is fresh and only a few days old....


Today, I've notived that 10.8.1 is available, so I've decided to install it with the following procedure:


  • Hit 'Update' in Mac AppStore
  • Shutdown MacBook over Shutdown-window
  • MB asked to install update before shut down, I've hit Install & Shutdown
  • MacBook updated OSX and turned off.


I've booted it up:


  • boot-time was extremely long! The Apple icon and loading image remained very long and the cpu-cooler started with high-speed :/
  • After a few minutes, the Weclome screen appears (??!!??) (the screen with first-time setup) and asked me to enter a AppleId to continue. At this point both, the mouse and keyboard are disabled!
  • I was forced to hard-reset my MacBook


After the next boot, the Mac remaining on the Apple-Screen with loading-image, cpu-cooler at high-speed.

Now, I've tried to got into the Service-partition (CMD+R) bt the Mac remain on the Loading-screen, too.


Iam only able to boot into my BootCamp partition.


With these facts, it seems, that the update crashed my installation.


I backup all my data now, but I want to know if someone else have this issue? Maybe some hint to get the system woking again?


Some ideas?!



MacBook6,1 (13-inch), Mac OS X (10.7.1), 2GB DDR3, 2,26GHz