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So once you decide to sync calendars using iCloud the option to create and maintain calendars "On my Mac" is no longer available in the "New and Improved"  Mountain Lion - Really?


I tested this by turning off Calendars / iCloud sync... Creating calendars "On my Mac" then turning sync back on. Result - The "On myMac" calendars get added to your iCloud calendars...


Even Reminders lets you toggle back and fourth from Local to iCloud... But not iCal ???... If iCal gets any more "Light weight" - It's going to float away...


Someone please tell me this isn't so...

27" iMac i7, 13" MBP, 24" iMac, and 27 others..., Mac OS X (10.6.6), I support 30 Macs in my business and wash the windows too...
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    It's assumed that when you sign into iCloud and enable calendars, that you want to be able to sync them. You can't sync 'On My Mac' calendars, so your calendars are moved to iCloud.


    You can still create calendars under 'On My Mac' if you want to, but of course they won't sync. If you want any of the calendars which are now on iCloud to be under 'On My Mac' you can move them back - please follow the second set of numbered instructions here:




    - obviously, once this is done they won't sync or be visible on other devices.

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    Thanks for your reply Roger.


    Have you tested this with Mountain Lion?

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    You mean the moving process described in my page? - no, I don't have access to either Lion. I would assume that the same method will work as the general principles are presumably unchanged, as you did at one point have some 'On My Mac' calendars. In any case, please observe the caveat about keeping the exported files as backups.

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    I confirmed it by testing... Local "On my Mac" calendars are no longer available in Mountain Lion 10.8.1. You sync ALL calendars to iCloud or NO calendars at all... Any "On my Mac" calendars are moved to the iCloud section...


    I use (or did use) both iCloud calendars and calendars that I don't want to sync as do my employees that use Mac's (30 people).


    So I called AppleCare. The iCal app person didn't know either but once escilated, they confirmed it too.. Pretty weak.


    Between this and some other features "lost in ML" I will need to look elsewhere for a calendaring app solution for my business... Maybe BusyCal... We do a little more at Jones X-Ray Inc then scheduling soccer games...


    We are witnessing the i-o-s-ification of the Mac - in progress....


    PS - Roger, you are a great help to the community and I (we) really appreciate you!

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    Thanks for clarifying that. From what you say I would assume that you have calendars 'On My Mac' as long as you aren't signed into iCloud with calendars enabled. Pretty annoying, and another reason I don't want anything to do with ML (though eventually I shan't have the choice).


    BusyCal - which I use, and sync over my LAN between two Macs (I don't have an iOS device) is compatible with ML, but I dont know how it operates with iCloud - presumably you get the same situation, iCloud or local but not a mixture: though you can sync the local over your LAN, which is fine as long as no-one needs to access the calendars while out of range of the LAN. And of course the master machine which hosts the published calendars has to be on at all times (though if it does go off the calendars remain available on the other machines, it's just that any new entries obviously don't sync until the master machine is on).

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    I've been having this same problem since upgrading to Mountain Lion. Unlike many others I refuse to use iCloud for anything and just wanted to sync my calendars and contacts between my iPhone 4S and MacBook using the good "old-fashioned" USB cable. I'd signed in and turned off iCloud on each device for good measure (because it decided for me that I would use iCloud - aaurgh!),  but that didn't work so, I called AppleCare and here's what worked for me - finally:


    After shifting my issue between techs and a few diagnostic runs, I finally have a resolution - and it was the simplest thing to do.


    1. Open Terminal from the Utilities folder inside the Applications folder on your Mac. Copy/paste the following command and press Enter:
    2. /System/Library/Frameworks/SyncServices.framework/Versions/A/Resources/resetsync .pl full
    3. When Terminal returns you to the command line (ends in "$"), close Terminal and open iTunes.
    4. Connect your iPhone to your computer. BE SURE TO open the Info tab and reselect Sync Contacts, Calendar, and Mail Accounts if necessary.
    5. Apply new settings to sync. You may get a window that asks if you want to resolve conflicts between the phone and your computer - I had nine, weirdly all were identical.
    6. If all goes as easily as mine did then you too can say Voilà or Yippee or Hoorah!


    FYI - The Terminal command clears the sync history - which is why step 4 is necessary, and rebuilds itself at step 5.


    As way-more-experienced-than-I Roger suggests, a backup is always a good idea before doing anything.


    Good luck!

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    Forgive me FlutePixzy,


    Are you saying that your proceedure brought back your "On My Mac" local calendars???

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    Specifically, events entered on my laptop while at home showed back up (merged) on my iPhone after this procedure AND events I had entered on my iPhone while out were now merging with the laptop. The two calendars had stopped syncing after upgrading to ML. They now play well together just as they had done before ML tried to force the cloud down my throat.


    The procedure I gave above is direct from my AppleCare fellow. It took all of 30 seconds (if) to go through all five steps - and then, yes, there was a big sigh of relief. Note that I had signed into and out of iCloud on each computer and phone, making sure everything was unchecked before performing steps 1-6.


    I've read other threads regarding the eventuality of having to use the cloud. People already using it don't care that their calendars and contacts are somewhere out there and they cite sending email to someone as no different than having information stored on the cloud and no personal information should be in the address book. What? I wholeheartedly disagree.


    I use my contacts to store birthdays, anniversaries and a whole slew of information on my family and friends. That's what the address book is for - these other folks obviously haven't explored the full extent of the address book's capabilities. Would they use Numbers just to stick a bunch of numbers in boxes? No calculations? Ridiculous!


    Likewise, among other things, my calendar lists health appointments and medication alerts - nobody's business but mine and my doctor.


    I realize that was probably more than you were wanting. I just don't understand these people who think just because they don't fully utilize their programs and they're happy to run like lemmings off terra firma we should all be so wreckless.


    EDIT: It should be said that I am absolutely clueless as to what you are referring to  when you say "Back to my Mac". If this is simply a way of saying it's all back on my Mac, then I get it. But I never authorized putting anything "off" my Mac and I verified with AppleCare that nothing had uploaded to iCloud.


    There was a warning that said if I turned all those functions off, everything removed from the cloud would be removed from my computer - yeah, that makes sense. What goofball decided that if I take back control of where my information is store that they would take away my information. Anywaaaay... since I never put anything on the cloud I acknowledged the warning and haven't lost anything.

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    OK, that is not exactly why I started this topic...


    I am having no problems at all syncing all the icloud services (including iCal) accross all my devices.


    My problem is that with the Mountain Lion upgrade (from Lion) we have LOST the ability to keep "local calendars" on our Macs... There used to be "On My Mac" calendars and iCloud calendars in Lion...


    In other words, I don't necessarly want to sync all of my calendars. Just some of them... This is no longer an option in Mountain Lion as it WAS in Lion...


    It's sortof one step forward and three steps back with iCal as far as using it for business goes... Great for soccer Moms and the like...