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I'm trying to submit a podcast feed but I am receiving this error:

"There is a problem with your feed. your episodes are hosted on a server which doesn't support byte-range requests. Enable byte-range requests and try your submission again."


Now, I know this is a common error, I understand why and what causes it and I've already read all the threads on here but I am none the wiser. I'm sure my hosting provider already supports this request type, as you can see here:


$ curl -I -r 200-300 http://myhost.com/some/path/to/episode.mp3

HTTP/1.1 206 Partial Content

Date: Thu, 23 Aug 2012 20:40:25 GMT

Server: Apache

Last-Modified: Sat, 04 Aug 2012 13:50:29 GMT

ETag: "31ffbc6-19ff95b4-4c670ed7806f5"

Accept-Ranges: bytes

Content-Length: 101

Content-Disposition: attachment

Content-Range: bytes 200-300/436180404

Content-Type: applicaton/x-octet-stream


Here is my feed:


I've validated it and tested it in iTunes and it seems fine.


So what am I missing? Does the above not prove that my hosting provider supports byte-range requests? Has anyone had this problem? Perhaps a feedburner issue?


Any help much appreciated!