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Hi.  I just turned on my Apple TV for the second time (first time was to enter itunes login info and try Netflix and air play, which all worked fine), was immediately faced with some update, and then when it was finished, I tried to purchase a movie for the first time ever.  It asked me for my credit card security code, which I entered.  After that, absolutely nothing happened.  It just went back to the movie description screen and nothing else happened.  I received no confirmation, no denial, no info at all.  No email, nothing in iTunes (I checked for available downloads). 


So, can someone please explain to me how this is supposed to work?  I kind of figured search for movie, click "buy," and enjoy your movie was about all that would be necessary, but I turned out to be wrong, and I'm not really finding anything useful by searching. 


I'm afraid to try again because I don't want to be charged twice for this movie.


For the record, the CC info is up to date and works fine on other devices.

Solved by vazandrew on Aug 23, 2012 9:09 PM Solved
The first time you purchase it asks for the security code to verify. The transaction has not gone through, simply click purchase again. You will not be charged twice.