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When I click on my apple it says I'm using OSX ML 10.8.1 so I click software update and nothing on the app store, go to appe website download page and wouldn't you know there's the download.???!!!

MacBook Air (11-INCH, MID 2011), OS X Mountain Lion
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    v10.8.1 is the most recent version available for Mountain Lion.

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    Thank you and I understand that, problem is that it didn't show in the app store I had to go to the apple website download section to get it, also when I clicked on the apple it showed 10.8.1 that's the only reaon I knew there was an update

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    This question is directed to the community: Can you please advise as to why my app store shows no updates and makes me enter my password every 20 seconds?


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    The Apple Support Communities are an international user to user technical support forum. As a man from Mexico, Spanish is my native tongue. I do not speak English very well, however, I do write in English with the aid of the Mac OS X spelling and grammar checks. I also live in a culture perhaps very very different from your own. When offering advice in the ASC, my comments are not meant to be anything more than helpful and certainly not to be taken as insults.


    OS X updates are usually released through Software Update in the Apple menu. The current process is that SU will then check with the Mac App Store to download the update. What is downloaded from the MAS is a delta update that adds the changes for 10.8.1 to your installation of 10.8.


    If you see an update to Mt Lion in the MAS Updates pane, thet is the full My Lion installer app (4+ GB to download).The MAS is letting you know that the installer is available should you need to download it, perhaps for another Mac that you may own and wish to upgrade to Mt Lion. You can ignore this flag on the MAS if you do not need it.

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    Thank you, I only have one Mac and I have yet to get an update through the App Store; I have to go to the apple download website. So, far I've had to get 2 HP printer updates the 10.8.1 update from the website, they never showed up in the app store or through the apple menu. I just happened to see the 10.8.1, why would it show it if my sytem wasn't running it?

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    My apologies for not clicking this helped me, I've contacted Apple and they seem to be quite confused. I hope you've helped others and when I get an answer I'll add it as this has had many views and I see other posts about it, could be a bug, but I can still get updates from the Apple download site.

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    If you go to system preferences>software updates and uncheck Download newly available updates in the backgound the updates will show in the app store. I hope this helps people.