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My iPad has a black screen.  I call it the "Black Screen of Death".  The iPad is fully charged, is recognized in iTunes, will NOT reset by holding down both buttons for any length of time, and I have taken it to an Apple store where I was told they don't know what the problem is but I could purchase a refurbished iPad for $250.


This is the 4th time the screen has gone black.  Each time I have been able to use my iPad is from doing a "restore" in iTunes.  The restore did NOT work the first time, the second time or third time.  I can't be sure how many times I used the restore function.  I can only say that each time after several "restore" attempts, I've "given up" on my iPad and let it sit for an unspecified period of time.  When I decided to address the iPad again, I clicked the bottom button and the Apple logo appeared.  My iPad loaded up and then I connected to iTunes to load all my apps, music, etc.  This last time, my iPad was up and running for only two days before the screen went black again.  I was playing a game (app) when this occurred.


I am POSITIVE there are thousands of users out there experiencing the same problem but I have yet to read as to why this is happening.  I believe users are tired of hearing "hold both buttons to reset" and "take it to the Apple store".  Many iPads users are past their warranty, would like a possible or valid reason as to why their iPad is malfunctioning and a reliable software update solution or "do it yourself" remedy. 


Is there anyone out there that can address our concerns with an explanation that "sounds" reasonable or a real solution and not the two standard responses?

iPad, iOS 5.1.1, First Generation