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I have a favourite client, on Outlook, who often needs to schedule appointments including both me and third parties. It makes their life a lot easier if they can see my availability while talking to the third party, but I have really struggled to find a way to make this possible. For a while Tungle.com worked brilliantly, but then RIM bought it and broke it - so now we're back to them having to call or email me every time, which is tedious for everyone involved. I have tried sharing direct from iCal but it doesn't always work 100% and besides I don't want to share details - only free/busy information. Has anyone cracked this? I can't believe such a basic piece of functionality is missing...

MacBook, Mac OS X (10.7.4)
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    I'm in the same position now that RIM finally pulled the plug on Tungle.


    I've tried signing up for TimeBridge (www.timebridge.com).  Its UI isn't as nice as Tungle and I'm having trouble getting some of my calendars to sync in, but it looks like it could be a suitable replacement.


    Did you ever find a solution?