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Hello everyone.


In The Netherlands (and other countries worldwide) you have the TV programma 'The Voice'. It started today again here and I just heard an awesome song. It appeared you also could download it in iTunes for 0,99€, so I tried to buy it when I got this message:


Uw aankoop kan niet worden gedownload in iTunes.

U hebt geen bevoegdheid om in de map iTunes Media of mappen daarin te schrijven. Wijzig de bevoegdheden (in de verkenner) en kies vervolgens store -> naar beschikbare downloads zoeken.


This is the original message, translated to English:


Your purchase could not be downloaded in iTunes.

You don't have permission to write in the map iTunes Media or others. Change the powers (in the ...) and choose store -> look for available downloads.


I'm sorry for my terrible English because it isn't my native language, I hope you people can help me!




iPod touch, iOS 5.1.1