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I have Xsan working in Mountain Lion Server and Mountain Lion but for some reason the command line xsanctl mount and unmount commands don't work. Also, the System Preference Xsan, once enabled, does let me mount the volume, but it shows there as "Not mounted" even though it did it and it is. Is this a known bug that Apple is going to fix? We need to use scripts that utilize xsanctl.




Xsan, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8), Anyone else know a work around?
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    How exactly are you running xsanctl? What is the command you're entering and its output?


    Are you running it as root or with sudo?


    Is xsand running on the system?

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    Xsand with PID 25 is running on my system.


    Same results with or without sudo. The account is an admin.


    The volume Xsan1 is indeed mounted on my desktop and I can read/write to it with no problem. However using xsanctl doesn't function:


    Jim-Wolffs-Mac-Pro-2:~ jimwolff$ xsanctl list

    XSan1 - not mounted


    Jim-Wolffs-Mac-Pro-2:~ jimwolff$ sudo xsanctl unmount Xsan1


    unmount command failed: Volume `Xsan1' is not mounted (error code: 3)


    As you can see this list command thinks its unmounted when indeed its already mounted. And the unmount command doesn't work because it thinks its not mounted.


    Jim-Wolffs-Mac-Pro-2:~ jimwolff$ sudo xsanctl mount Xsan1

    mount command failed: Unable to mount volume `Xsan1' (error code: 3)

    Jim-Wolffs-Mac-Pro-2:~ jimwolff$


    Lastly, trying the mount command (even though its already mounted) also gets error code 3.


    Since my original post I've updated the Xserve to 10.8.1 server and my client Mac Pro to OS X 10.8.1.


    Are you using it with Mountain Lion??

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    Weird. I have used xsanctl in Mountain Lion and never run into this problem. I haven't written any scripts that use xsanctl, though. Out of curiosity, why do you need to script xsanctl?

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    Need the command line interfaces to function because we are making a product that wraps some features around Xsan volume control, amoung other Xsan things. That way we can control this from our software GUI in a central integrated manner rather than making the user learn and use a bunch of different things. Anyway, once I figure it out I'll reply since you confirmed you are not having an issue with this command under 10.8.1 Server and client. Seems kind of weird since this is a clean new Xsan setup -- would think it would just work given the other parts that are working. Hopefully won't take much longer to figure out.


    --Best Regards,

    --Jim Wolff

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    Have you confirmed that your DNS is setup properly for all nodes in the SAN.  I know in prior versions, mount/unmount anomalies were often tracked back to DNS issues.