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I have downloaded apps to my iPad and iPhone that I would like to delete, how do I go about deleting them so they don't appear in any device and they don't appear in iTunes?

iPhone 4, iOS 5.1.1
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    did you download the apps on iTunes in your computer and sync it to your devices? or you download apps directly on your devices?


    you can delete apps on your iTunes library then sync the devices to it

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    zunirose wrote:


    ... how do I go about deleting them so they don't appear in any device and they don't appear in iTunes?



    Touch the app and hold your finger down until all the apps start to jiggle. You will see a circled "x" in the upper left corner. Tap it to delete an app. When done press the Home button.


    You cannot delete any pre-installed iOS app.


    If there is No 'X' on any apps you have Downloaded... then check in Restrictions... Settings > General > Restrictions > Deleting Apps  =  Off / On


    If the app is in iTunes, then you delete the app in iTunes (Select the App and Press Delete on your Keyboard). If you then sync with your iDevice, the app will also be deleted from your iDevice.



    Also, See Here  >  Hiding and Unhiding Purchases

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    i have a question: i wanted to restore my iphone 4, so i did  a backup and sync and before i hit restore, i deleted some apps from my phone and i only synced. i didn't backup. and then hit restore. when the phone was restored and then it was syncing to gget my data back, it put back on teh phone the apps that i had deleted prior to the restore. why is that? is it becasue i didn't make a backup after deleting the app?

    also, now i deleted the apps again from teh phone and i synced the phone with itues. i can still see teh apps i deleted appearing in itunes but they are not marked with a "right" sign like the other ones.

    so i am confused. my questions are:

    1- why are the apps still in itunes?

    2- could the delete of teh apps i had done before the restore, without a backup confused the restore or cause any damage to teh process?