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Hi there,


Loving iTunes match but there are a few things that make using it a little challenging at times. Hopefully it's just me and there are answers that I just haven't been able to find. Or maybe others would like these features too (and we could suggest them somewhere?)


Firstly I was wondering if there was a way of playing only local songs on your device without having to toggle 'show all music'in settings? I want to see all my music, or at least be able to see it quickly, - eg when viewing an album/playlist I like to see all the tracks and know which ones are local and not, but I might not necessarily want to play (download) the cloud ones for a variety of reasons (storage or preference etc).


Also, particularly when storage is low, I find managing my tracks difficult- knowing what to delete etc. if the phone has been downloading on the fly that's great, but it's overwriting songs I'd prev downloaded to give space. I see the benefits -you wouldn't want to always have to be told that your storage was full n u had to delete before u could play more - it's nice that match handles this. But it does leave track management challenges in knowing what's local. Is there a setting to limit how much storage the music app uses? That would be amazingly handy. And again, simply being able to toggle local vs cloud on the fly would be useful when deleting - as well as a way of seeing the largest tracks for more effective file management.


I hope someone is able to make sense of my waffle, and I'd love to hear if anyone else shares my views or experiences.



iPhone 4S, iOS 5.1.1