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I purchased a movie in iTunes Store on my Mac, but when I locate the same movie in iTunes on my iPad, it is not marked as purchased and I don't want to pay for it twice, though I do want to watch it on my iPad, otherwise I would not have paid extra for the HD version


I found the guides here on apples site, where I sould use the 'purchased' button to access previous purchases. The only problem there is that I do not have a purchased button in iTunes on the iPad. I have it on my iPhone, but the playlist only displays purchases made on that unit, not on my account.


Is there really now way to get items purchased on my MBP onto my iPad without having to sync the device and transfer content in iTunes? Should it not be some sort of function, like in app store, where previously purchased/installed apps are "free" to install on you other devices?


// Gus

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