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I get how to set up a 3rd party remote, but how do I get the ATV to now stop working with the apple remote and only respond to the newly set up 3rd party remote?


See I have a macmini sitting next to the ATV which is controlled by an apple remote. I know I could pair each machine to their relative remotes, but being the remotes are identical in appearance I am hoping to use the ATV Learn feature to be able to control it from a 3rd party remote, and the Mini with the apple remote.


I had expected that once a 3rd party remote was set up, there would be an option to select which remote would be used.


Have I missed something?

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    OK Solved it myself, feeling pretty dumb about it too!


    Anyway, for anyone else benefit, here is how it's done.


    Take the Apple Remote for you other machine (in my case the mac mini) and pair it with that machine

    - This will ensure the ATV does not respond to it


    Learn the ATV to your 3rd party remote


    Now here is the trick I couldnt work out:


    Take the Apple Remote for your ATV and pair it with the ATV and THEN JUST PUT IT IN A DRAWER SOMEWHERE.


    The pairing on the ATv stops it from responding to the Apple Remote from the other machine, so you are free to use your 3rd party remote for the ATV and your other machines Apple remote for it.


    Hope this helps someone!