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My question is: does the "put hard disk(s) to sleep whenever possible" option over-ride the "never" setting with regard to timing your computer sleep? 


The reason I ask is that I have my computer sleep set to "never" at present because I'm downloading some large files overnight. I inadvertently left the "put hard disk(s) to sleep whenever possible" option on.


In the morning (and this has happened 3 times now) the large download had stalled and would not resume without me closing the app (Mainstage - downloading Jam Packs and Logic extras) and opening it again - whereupon an option to 'resume the interrupted download' appears.


So I'm wondering if the "whenever possible" option has over ridden the 'never' option and interrupted download.


Any thought welcome

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  • Don Archibald Level 10 (101,340 points)

    That option does not override 'never' on my machine. I have that option enabled, and just set the Energy Saver sliders to 'never' when making a long download. Then I go away and take a nap or do something else. The download always completes, even over several hours.


    If your ISP had a brief comm interruption while you were away, that could explain it.

  • manofdogz Level 1 (45 points)

    That's what I'm suspecting also - driving me mad as I have a large multi-part download (Mainstage / Logic extra's) and there is no option to download components separately. I'm now on my 8th attempt and download always hangs at some point. Time for a new router I guess but I wish Apple would make this stuff downloadable component by component like they do with Software Update....