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    MarkRHolbrook wrote:


    Above all it's working beautifully.  I'm keeping it clean and unlittered of extensions.  I'm doing superduper backups about once a week so I feel pretty good should something happen.  I also do a superduper prior to any major install or system upgrade.

    You do know that since the Lions came out, SuperDuper is no longer a recommended way of backing the system up? Unlike the other two bootable cloning methods (late version CarbonCopyCloner or Plain Jane Disk Utility Restore), SD does not preserve the all-important OS X Recovery Partition when it creates the clone.


    And mind you, I used to be a true-blue SD fan, even have a fully licensed & paid for instance on the Mac. But when the diskless Lions came out, we discovered that SD wasn't cloning properly and I conversed with them, just couldn't get them to back down from their "why preserve the Recovery Partiton, you don't need it with us around" stance. Especially since that is the only official repair/recovery/reinstall tool that Apple gives you nowadays and the only way you're gonna get the cat off Apple's servers for a full clean install, should the main startup volume fail. Heck, even Bombich got with the program and put out a Lion-friendly version of CCC.


    So until they see the light and come to their senses, I cannot recommend you use SuperDuper. And judging from their latest replies to their own forums, that ain't changing anytime soon.

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    To be honest I did not know that. So you are saying that SD does not do something correctly with lion?


    Interesting.  Well I'll check this out and I will check into carbon copy.


    Thanks ...  Where is there a thread on this or something?

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    Yes, while you expect the clone to be an exact replica of the original, that does not happen with a Lion or Mountain Lion startup volume cloned with SD. The Recovery Partition, a hidden structure incorporated at the start of the regular partition, does not get copied over.


    Disk Utility's Restore function or CCC with Recovery Partition archiving set will produce an exact copy of the original.

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    It's, to some extent, logical on not to backup a recovery partition (that I suspect is not small) and probably doesn't change ever.


    It would make more sense if the backups were incremental, so you would have best of two worlds.

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