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Since upgrading to Mountain Lion my 24" Cinema Display no longer works. Although it's recognised by the computer (MBP 15" non-thunderbolt) and I'm able to configure displays settings (resolution etc) the screen stays black.


I've tried it on a MBP running Lion and it doesn't work on that either anymore. I've also tried resetting the PRAM and fixing disk permissions.

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    My problem is similar - except that when I first connect my MB to the display, it comes up and works.  Then if the MB goes into sleep mode, when it wakes up, the cinema display stays black.  If I look at the Displays preferences, it thinks that the cinema display is there, and the mouse behaves as though there were two displays, except that you can not see the mouse on the cinema display.


    I have tried disconnecting the thunderbolt connector, and changed the Display Power Button turns the display on and off, but no go.

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    Same problem. Using a DisplayLink USB 2.0 UGA to USB adaptor, the second monitor worked fine from my PowerBook. I got a new laptop running Mountain Lion, and I haven't seen the second display since. I reinstalled the DisplayLink driver, nothing. My computer acts as if there were two displays, like the other post, but the second screen is dark. I really need two screens for my work, this is very frustrating.

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    I have a similar problem with my Apple LED Cinema Display 24" (from july 2009). Worked like a sunshine first and had the Apple Care taken out on it in combo with a MacBook Pro 13" from Early 2009. I;ve been using the second screen on my MacBook Pro 13" and for the past 3 years with my iMac27" connected to the MiniDisplay port on my desk. Since a good 2 weeks the screen blacks out. The iMac and 2 other MacBooks (Pro retina 15" from Oct 2012) and MacBook air Mid 2011) all recognise the screen as a second display and the mouse appears to go to the second screen.


    Only when I hookup my MacBookPro Retina 15" I get a connection signal and a very brief image on the screen for a split second and then it all blacks out. I cannot get it to work anymore.... Is this the end of this screen or is there hope?


    Specs of LED Ciname Display 24" below:



    Apple Display Serial number Apple Care expiry date