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Where can I find out what error 36 represents?

Mac mini, Mac OS X (10.5.8)
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    Google Mac error 36 and a variety of comments and answers will appear.

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    Type -36 error (I/O Errors (bummers)

    This file is having difficulty while either reading from the drive or writing to the drive. The file
    may have been improperly written data to the drive or the hard drive or disk may be damaged.
    This is almost always indicative of a media error (hard error on the disk). Sometimes (rarely) it is transient.

    Solutions: Try copying the file to another drive. Use a disk recovery software, such as Disk First Aid to examine the disk. You can try rebooting with all extensions off. Once in a while this will allow you to read the data. The file in question should be restored from a backup that was stored on a different disk. Regular backups can reduce the time to recover from this error.