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On my Mac Mini running OS X Lion Server software, the screen sharing will work for a while from one mac on my network to the server, but after a week or two it won't show up. To get it to start working, I have go to the machine and turn off remote management and then turn it back on. This is rather difficult to do when it is headless. I logged out of MobileMe, but it still does it.


This seems to have started a few months ago after a Remote Management update. I haven't noticed this when accessing my Mac Mini's running standard Lion and Snow Leopard.


Is this a bug? Anything else to try?



Mac OS X (10.7)
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    Have you found a fix for this?  I have had the same issue and developed a 'script' for cache clearing that works to reset things but then it all goes awry over time.  My mac mini is headless and the only way I can bring it back is basically to forcibly restart it since I'm not a unix guru and able to work on the command line.