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I've created the disc image on my desktop as instructed and I have a word document I want to protect but I cannot seem to copy the file into the disc image folder.

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.4)
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    Try double clicking on the dmg, once open, drag the file to it then close or unmount the dmg to protect it.


    It's an encrypted dmg right, & the Password is not stored in the Keychain?

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    It is an encrypted dmg and the password is not stopred in the keychain.


    When I double-click on it it kind of flashes then does nothing.


    If I 2-finger click on it and select 'open with' then 'disk utility', then disk utility opens and I can select the dmg.


    But that gets me no further as I sem to be unable to copy the word doc into that in any way.

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    Do you have a finder widow open to the mounted dmg, & is that where you're dragging the word doc to?


    Is the DMG maybe read only?